There is a severe paramedic and EMT shortage in Michigan, leaving public and private EMS agencies under or short staffed for emergency response. Michigan EMS agencies need at lest 1,000 new paramedics and EMTs to meet the needs of local communities. The state's current training programs block participation in private paramedic training programs, which make up the majority of education programs in Michigan. 

That’s why Michigan EMS leaders have teamed up and developed a plan to mitigate the staffing crisis with the help of state funding. This plan includes: 

  • $50 million for recruitment, retention and training programming for ambulance operations of EMS education program sponsors. This could include cash recruitment and retention bonuses, student loan payment assistance, tuition assistance, equipment, books, fees, uniforms and dues associated with state or national membership accreditation.
  • $5 million for the state to create a marketing program to promote careers in emergency medical services.
  • $2.5 million to simplify the EMS licensing process by establishing a state-based initial paramedic satellite education program and a Michigan-only licensing exam. 

The funding would help EMS services find, hire and train Michigan residents for critical roles as paramedics and EMTs. Michigan has 13 private paramedic training programs that are ready and able to train new paramedics, and others that would start programs if funding were available.

Take a minute and send your lawmakers an email supporting this plan that would ensure EMS has the support it needs to do what they do best: serve Michigan communities.